Hotels in Oslo


When most people think of a vacation, the common visualization is a tropical beach, with palm trees and pina coladas. That’s all well and good, but some people prefer a more engaging experience. There are countless destinations that provide tourists with a more immersive and memorable vacation, and none more so than Oslo, Norway. Oslo is the country’s most populous city and boasts millions of tourists every year. It’s an incredibly unique destination, perfectly combining a bustling, vibrant metropolis with incredible natural beauty in the form of towering mountains and pristine bodies of water. When visiting Norway, be sure to stay at one of Oslo’s many wonderful hotels. From the strikingly modern Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz to the extravagant and historic Grand Hotel, the city boasts some of the world’s best accommodations for travelers. Norway is known the world over for its hospitality, and the amazing hotels in its capital city reflect that.

Oslo boarders the beautiful North Sea and Inner Oslofjord as well as scenic Lake Maridalsvannet, which features pristine natural beauty as well as a diverse collection of wildlife. People come from all over Europe and beyond to experience the truly breathtaking natural beauty of Oslo’s parks and trails. Sightseeing takes on a whole new meaning when you’re at the foot of the bluffs or a cliff overlooking the cityscape. A nice feature of nearly every hotel in Oslo is, because of the natural landscape, nearly every hotel and inn has a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.  No matter where you are in Norway, you can always rely on experiencing truly incredible natural splendor. However, if you’re looking for a more modern experience, look no further than Downtown Oslo.

When you arrive at your hotel, be sure to ask the consierge about some of the world famous restaurants Do and bars such as Kolonialen, Way Down South and Bass Oslo. The Netherlands is known across the globe for its seafood and Oslo is a prime example of amazing fish-based dishes like klippfisk, rakfisk and bergensk fiskesuppe. Once you’ve had your fill, you can shop to your heart’s content for authentic Norwegian handicrafts right alongside the latest offerings from world-famous clothing and footwear designers, some of which have shops located right inside hotel lobbies! If you’re looking for a more edifying experience, you can visit the Vigeland Sculpture Park with sculptures from the country’s most talented artists. You can also check out the Viking Ship Museum which features actual 9th century Viking ships perfectly preserved or Akershus Fortress, a former 12th century prison that’s been converted into a truly fascinating military museum. No matter your personal preference or definition of vacation, Oslo surely has something for just about everyone!